Why Us?

Unlike many of the big conservative insurance companies, we’re not restricted by old traditions or archaic systems thought up in London. We cut through the red tape, we don’t hide behind jargon, and we back our clients 100%. Call it a kiwi sense of fair play. When something’s not right, we’re on your side.

Our Story.

Like many success stories, ours started with an idea. How could we protect kiwi businesses if we didn’t truly understand them? If we didn’t get out from our corporate ivory tower and actually walk in their shoes for a day? So that’s exactly what we did 25 years ago. We got out and started our own independent insurance broking company – Apex Insurance.

Today Apex is one of the leading insurance brokers in the country. We’ve purchased brokerages and expanded our businesses to extend our range of services and client base. We may be based in Auckland, but our entrepreneurial spirit stretches nationwide.

Apex Insurance operates alongside Apex Advice, further expanding our product offering and ability to provide personal risk management. This includes life, investment and mortgage advice.