Corporate Travel

Much business these days is based on electronic transactions and emails but there is still nothing to compare with the personal client-facing relationship. As air travel has become more efficient and cheaper it is often quite a simple process to simply get on a plane and go to see a customer or attend a conference or trade show where a business can make a pitch to sell its product or service.

New Zealand is a small country and to make an impression on a new overseas client or continue a relationship will often require travel – the personal touch.

There are associated risks with travel however: getting stuck in a foreign country whilst luggage has gone to another country; delays with getting to meetings; loss of travel documents; or becoming sick or injured and winding up in a foreign hospital with no idea of how to pay the bill or whether the treatment received will even be adequate.

Apex can provide Corporate Travel insurance that will cover the costs of medical treatment, lost or stolen luggage or money, repatriation, kidnap and ransom, rental vehicle excess, personal accident and personal liability. Cover can be extended to include Leisure Travel and also travel within New Zealand.

Apex can provide cover for all of your Business Insurance needs, whether Property, Liability, Motor, Marine, Accident & Health or Trade Credit.

We tailor-make to your requirements dependant on your business needs.

Claims examples:

– During the Icelandic volcanic ash clouds a client was stranded in Rome at a conference. The airports in Rome were closed and after a taxi ride to Milan (which was open when the taxiride started) that airport immediately closed. On return to Rome the client managed to get a flight to Singapore and subsequently to Hawaii and back to Auckland. Insurance paid for the taxi-fares, the extra flights and accommodation and later resumption of journey costs.

– En-route to Israel for a conference a traveller became ill in Los Angeles, requiring a hospital stay for two nights. Insurance covered the medical bills which were substantial, and the additional costs for flights along with accommodation for his fellow traveller.​

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