Commercial Motor Vehicle

In business motor vehicles are a common-place tool of trade. Whether a saloon car used to go to see a client to a tandem curtain-sider carrying pallets of general goods, business requires the movement of people or goods from one place to another.

If your vehicle is stolen or out of commission due to an accident, what do you need for your business to keep operating at 100%? Whilst repairs are being carried out to the vehicle or investigators are dealing with the theft will you be able to make the sales or deliver the goods?

So much of the “hassle” with motor vehicle claims is the time factor: being without the vehicle; having to make other arrangements for deliveries; hiring cars until yours is repaired or replaced.

A Commercial Motor Vehicle policy from Apex can assist. As well as providing full accidental damage cover if you have comprehensive insurance our policy further includes such items as:

• Windscreen and Window Glass Extensions
• Cost of alternate vehicle hire following theft
• Limited Transit cover for Customers Goods and Stock
• Third party damage cover

Cover can be arranged for Loss of Use if required. This is cover for the costs of hiring a vehicle should yours be damaged in an accident. Further extensions can be provided for Employees Vehicles, Goods on Hook, etc.

Premiums are based on a multitude of factors including type and usage of vehicle; region used, and claims history.

Deductibles are fairly “standard” across the industry but are adjusted on the above factors as well as driver history.

Apex can provide cover for all of your insurance needs, whether Property, Liability, Marine, Accident & Health, Trade Credit and beyond. We tailor-make to your requirements dependant on your business needs.

Claims examples:

– A vehicle was stolen and this was a car that was needed both for the sales rep who needed it to visit clients and also as he was, under his employment contract, to be provided with a company car. Cover was available under the policy not only to replace the vehicle as it was still within the first year of purchase new, but also for the costs of hiring another car until the replacement happened.

– A truck was manoeuvring at one of the Ports and the driver lost control, pushing a container off the wharf followed by the truck into the sea. Insurance cover was provided for damage to the truck along with recovery of the container and its contents, the damage to the contents and the cost of cleanup following diesel spill from the truck.​

To discuss further or for any queries, please contact your Apex Broker or our Technical Manager, Sue Dillion: