Apex Client Charter

Our Commitments to You - Insurance Solutions and Insurance Claims

Apex General has built its success on strong client relationships. Over the years we have developed understanding of what our clients expect from us. So with every interaction we have with our clients we aim to live up to our commitments of meeting and exceeding expectations. By appointing Apex General as your insurance broker, the following commitments will represent your minimum service expectations

Your Insurance Plan

Apex General will:

  • Strive to understand you and your business, and provide reliable risk management and insurance advice and solutions.
  • Exercise proper care in sourcing insurance providers to ensure you have cover that is customised to your needs.
  • Align your business with approved and proven insuring underwriters, and offer you a range of options for your insurance package.

Your Insurance Claim

Apex General will:

  • Draw upon its skill, experience and resources to ensure your valid claim is brought to a suitable conclusion.
  • Keep you informed of developments and progress in relation to any claims we are managing for you.
  • Investigate and contest any invalid claim declinature on your behalf with your insurance provider.

Our Customer Service

Apex General will:

  • Conduct all business with you in a professional, open, honest and transparent manner.
  • Ensure all information you provide to us will remain strictly confidential to Apex and its underwriters, and will be utilised to serve your best interests.
  • Ensure your business enquiries and instructions are attended to proficiently and professionally.
  • Make every effort to understand you and your business, to help you to manage the unexpected.